Skating Director | Louise Kapeikis

Louise Kapeikis has enjoyed her position as Skating Director at the Town Toyota Center and previously the Riverfront Park Ice Arena since 2000.  She has skated as both an amateur and professional since the age of 8.  Louise spent 4 years as a performer/professional ice skater with Disney on Ice World Tours traveling extensively through the United States, Canada, Japan and South America. 

Louise's credentials include 27 years of professional skating and coaching experience with students competing at the US Figure Skating Junior National Championships, Sectional Championships, Regional Championships, National Showcase Championships and National Synchronized Skating Championships.  Other skating credits include achieving her Skate Canada Senior Silver Freestyle Test, 7th Figure Test and Gold Dance Tests. 

Louise is a Certified Category A Coach and member of the Professional Skaters Association and the US Figure Skating Association as well as a Certified Level 2 Coach with the Canadian National Coaching Certification Program.  A highlight of her coaching career includes being named the Head Coach for Team USA Special Olympics Figure Skating for the 2005 World Games in Nagano, Japan and the Assistant Coach for Team USA Special Olympics Figure Skating for the 2001 World Games in Anchorage, Alaska. 

Louise enjoys coaching all levels of Figure Skating from Basic Skills through US Figure Skating Senior Tests.  She also has experience coaching Hockey Power Skating and Speed Skating.  She holds an Associate in Arts Degree and a Degree in Massage Therapy. 


Instructor | Dr. Paul Kapeikis

Dr. Kapeikis is a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician with a 3 year Post Doctorate Certification in Physical Rehabilitation.  He has owned a successful Chiropractic & Massage practice here in Wenatchee, WA for the past 13 years.

Dr. Kapeikis has 27 years experience coaching skating: Freestyle, Moves in the Field, Ice Dancing and Hockey Power Skating.  He has taught first time beginners through US Junior National Competitors; Tots through Adults.   He is a USFSA member, Professional Skaters Association (PSA) Certified Level A Coach and also holds Skate Canada National Coaching Certification (NCCP) Level I & Partial Level II.  He has trained with Laura Stamm: Power skating coach for the New York Islanders.

Dr. Kapeikis’ skating career was highlighted through 4 years touring with Disney on Ice as a Solo Performer.  He traveled extensively through the USA, Canada, Japan and South America, working and living with World & Olympic Medalists and a cast of World Class Athletes.  He made television appearances on Good Morning America and The Today Show.   His competitive highlights include: British Columbia Winter Games Silver Medalist, Multiple times Regionals Gold Medalist and B.C. Sectionals Qualifier.  He passed his Skate Canada Senior Silver Free Skate, 5th Figure and Gold Dance Tests.

Dr. Kapeikis’ coaching style attempts to blend his Technical, Biomechanical Health Care background with an emphasis on his student’s personal discovery through gaining life skills including an Objective Focus, a Performance Orientated Lifestyle and Perseverance.  He encourages his students to set arrogant goals and then challenges them to design and follow an objective path to achieve personal satisfaction of these goals.

Instructor | Alanna Collins

Alanna is a double gold medalist in Moves in the Field/ Freestyle and a bronze medalist in Dance. She has been involved in skating for thirteen years. Out of those years, she has performed in the Wenatchee Figure Skating Club’s Christmas show every year. She has also competed in numerous international, within state, and out of state competitions including the Northwest Pacific Regional Championships where in 2006 she was a pewter (4th place) medalist.

Aside from her own skating, Alanna has volunteered her time as a junior coach for Learn-to-Skate classes from 2005 to 2011 when in 2011 she became a certified coach through United States Figure Skating and the Professional Skater’s Association. She has earned her basic accreditation ranking and passed exams that qualify her as a “category A” coach. To continue in her education she has attended two PSA nationwide seminars with guest presenters Janet Champion and Kerry Leitch. Humorously, Alanna is able to say that she was “chased” by Janet Champion when she was asked to demonstrate the senior serpentine step sequence in front of many of the northwest’s coaches. Most recently, Alanna is studying ballet with the Elevate Dance Company in order to improve her skating and coaching of students in different areas such as choreography.

Alanna enjoys teaching both on and off the ice and is a recent graduate of Central Washington University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. Her specializations include bilingual education and teaching English as a second language. Due to her academic performance at university she holds the honor of being a member of the international honor society Kappa Delta Pi. Currently, she is working on her master’s degree in literacy and is a 5th grade teacher at Lewis and Clark Elementary.

Alanna utilizes what she has learned in both fields (skating and education) to assist her students in reaching their potential. She believes that all her students can learn and gain valuable skills/ experiences that will be beneficial to them for the rest of their lives. Her hope is to instill these characteristics and a love for the sport.

Instructor | Stephanie Hirai

Stephanie is a US Figure Skating Association member and has been a PSA certified level A coach since 2002.  She appreciates working in a team coaching arrangement, specializing in on and off ice conditioning, basic hockey power skating, figure skating moves in the field, spins, jumps and competition preparation. Stephanie is passionate about maintaining a positive environment and coaching style, adapting her teaching to the learning style of her individual students.

Stephanie grew up, a local skater here in Wenatchee.  During summers, she traveled to train in Spokane, Seattle and Penticton BC. She obtained her USFSA Junior Moves in the Field, Junior Freestyle and First Figure tests. She competed at many competitions throughout the Pacific Northwest as well as in Canada. She has been involved in the Wenatchee Figure Skating Club's annual ice shows for as long as she (or anyone else) can remember.
Stephanie maintains a youthful enthusiasm and vigor for the sport of figure skating.