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WEN-CON is Wenatchee’s pop-culture convention, with guest stars, vendors, artists, games, panel discussions, prizes, cosplay and many, many other activities. It is an action-packed one-day-only event coming Saturday, April 21, 2018 at the Town Toyota Center.

Who's Coming

Joy 1.png

Joy Knight-Richards, cosplay performer

Joy Knight-Richards (The Girl Next Door Cosplay) has been building costumes, performing, modeling and creating epic character makeup for over 20 years. She has traveled all over the Great Northwest as a performer and makeup artist for renaissance faires, conventions and private functions. You can find her on Facebook at TheGirlNextDoorCosplay, GypsyRealmProductions or VisionsbyVictory.


Damon Runyan, actor

Damon Runyan was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. He is currently playing Ujilli, a Klingon leader of the House Mokai in Star Trek Discovery. Damon is best known for his portrayal of Charles Falco in the series Gangland Undercover. His TV credit include Suits, Haven, Nikita, Lost Girl, Degrassi: TNG and Covert Affairs. Recent stage credits include Mike Bartlett’s Canadian premiere of Bull, and Neil LaBute’s In a Forest Dark and Deep. Damon won the Best Actor Award for his film Cassidy in the 2013 National Film Challenge. He will appear alongside Amanda Seyfried and Clive Owen in Andrew Niccol’s film Anon. For more information about Damon Runyan check out his page on IMDB.


Kat Cressida, voiceover actor

Kat graduated from UC Berkeley in Shakespeare (in her words “highly impractical”) and the American Conservatory Theater.  She landed her first gigs on camera on several comedy shows and soap operas. But when she took her first voice-over workshops – she found her calling; the magic of animation plus storytelling at the microphone.  Soon after she had her first voice-over gig as Dee Dee in the smash hit Dexter’s Laboratory for Cartoon Network.  She was Jessie in Disney Infinity, Electra in Marvel Heroes, Madame Hydra in Marvel Heroes and Henchwoman in Gotham Stories.

Kat has also provided voice matches for several of Hollywood’s actors including Kim Basinger, Joan Cusack, Claire Danes, and Nicole Kidman.  She is the current voice for the attic bride, Constance, in the Disneyland attraction The Haunted Mansion.  For more information about Kat Cressida check this out:


Ryan Wells, professional cosplayer

Ryan Wells, Portland, OR, is a professional cosplayer prop builder and builder for Magic Wheelchair @  Known for being a “Creature Cosplayer” building larger than life costumes and drawing inspiration from fantasy and science fiction, he has been featured on such sites as Stan Winston School for Character Art’s and Muppets Henson.  Ryan is administrator for an online cosplay group and is a huge advocate for sharing ideas, community, and volunteering.

“Cosplay was a natural progression for me since there was simply not enough Halloween in my life.  I love to learn new skills, trades, make challenges for myself, getting inspiration and ideas from friends (new and old) and making connections through this great community. I tend to draw inspiration mainly from film but I’m trying to branch out into other genres.”


David Goehner

Hey, did you hear the Batmobile will be at WEN-CON in April?  Not only that but we will also have a special panel, “The Batman from Walla Walla: A 90th Birthday Remembrance of Adam West”.  Join us for a look back at the life and career of the native Washingtonian who was TV’s original defender of Gotham City (and later the mayor of Quahog).  This tribute to the iconic actor will include highlights from Walla Walla’s first annual “Adam West Day” celebration that took place on Sept. 19, 2017 during what would have been Adam West’s 89th birthday.  This panel will be hosted by David Goehner, a Dryden native, former cartoonist for Comics Buyer’s Guide and local pop-culture extraordinaire.


1966 Batmobile

The only 1966 Batmobile in the world that has been ridden in and autographed by Adam West, Burt Ward (Robin) and Evel Knievel. Also jumped over and signed by Robbie Knievel, famous daredevil and son of Evel Knievel. Watch the video!

WEN-CON appearance sponsored by Numerica Credit Union


Artoo 1.5

Long ago in a galaxy far, far away….(Well no, actually quite recently and close by), a retired television technician looked back on one of his favorite movies and decided to try to recreate some of the interest and excitement of the STAR WARS films by modeling one of their most endearing characters, R2D2. Because a simple, remote controlled toy would just be not enough fun and hard to share, he decided to build a drivable, functional replica in 1.5=1 scale. The results is a 60” tall motorized vehicle suitable for public exhibition and display. Artoo 1.5 features authentic details, electric power, music and voice, and a rotating dome.


Preston Smith, Splotch Comics

Preston Smith is an independent comic creator based in Spokane Washington. Having just released his first book in October of 2016, he plans to build a new and exciting universe through collaboration and creativity. He has loved comic books since a young age and has created stories for most of his life and is incredibly excited to share them.

Splotch Comics and Preston Smith are returning to WEN-CON, bringing three times as much original material than last year! Catch up with the Crossfire team and introduce yourself to Lucky Shot in the exciting connected universe! As well as books they’ll have tee shirts, postcards, coloring books and more! See them at WEN-CON 2018! More can be found at


Jason Sims, magician

Jason Sims is a local magician specializing in illusions, subterfuge, and astonishment! A Wenatchee local, Jason has been doing magic for several years. A six year veteran of the Army, he deployed to Iraq in 2007. There he entertained his fellow soldiers, local kids, and even coalition forces from around the world.

Jason does magic locally part time and he enjoys sharing his mystical gifts with everyone.


Check back to discover more special guests for WEN-CON 2018!
Please note: all guests subject to change.


Film Festival.png

Contest Parameters

The challenge: Create a short film (2 minutes or less) using audio track(s) and sound effects provided by us (download via this link). Choose any genre you want, but your entry must be an original production created for this contest between January 1 and April 1, 2018. All contributors must be noted in the end credits of your film. End credits do not factor into the 2 minute time length of your film. You cannot publish your entry online on your own channels until after the contest is over. WEN-CON reserves the rights to use portions of your entries for promotional purposes for future film festivals.



  1. DJI Phantom 3 Drone
  2. One year subscription to Adobe Premiere CC
  3. Flyleaf camera bag

Judging Criteria

All entries will be judged by a panel of three professional filmmakers: Charley Voorhis of Voortex Productions, Jeff Ostenson of North 40 Productions and Jamie Howell of Icicle Creek Center for the Arts.

The judges will evaluate all entries and select a first place winner, as well as first runner up. All films will be judged according to this point-based system:

  1. 30 pts. – Overall impression.
  2. 30 pts. – Technical quality (composition, audio/video quality, color, lighting, etc.).
  3. 20 pts. – Creativity in filmmaking.
  4. 20 pts. – Creative use of provided sound effects and/or audio tracks.

All entries will be shown during a public screening the Thursday evening before the event for judging. All entries will also be featured at a special installation at the Town Toyota Center during WEN-CON 2018 and the winner and runner up entries will be given a special mention and will be screened at Town Toyota Center on the main floor during the event. Judges will choose the winners, and those two films will be featured during WEN-CON 2018 at the Town Toyota Center and online on our website for the year.

Ticket Locations

Town Toyota Center
1300 Walla Walla Ave
Wenatchee, WA

Ye Olde Bookshoppe
11 Palouse St
Wenatchee, WA

The Wenatchee World
14 N Mission St
Wenatchee, WA

509 N Western Ave
Wenatchee, WA

115 S Wenatchee Ave
Wenatchee, WA

Galaxy Comics
1720 5th St
Wenatchee, WA