Farewell from Marketing Intern, Emma Carlson

emma farewell.jpg

My internship at the Town Toyota Center has been invaluable in preparing me for my future career and it’s been an honor to work with the fantastic marketing and sales team there as well as the rest of the faculty.

Jennifer Bushong, VP of Marketing Partnerships, has been an amazing teacher and from the start, I knew that there would be so much to learn from her. Her many years in the field and passion for her work was awesome to witness and demonstrated to me how to work diligently toward goals and do it with professionalism and grace. Chanet Stevenson, Marketing Manager, taught me how to use certain computer programs to create graphics, helped me create content for our social media pages and helped me gain experience on the camera by letting me take photos at different events over the course of the summer. Katie Atkinson, Sales Manager, and Dreu Vader, Sales and Marketing, taught me by example how to make personal connections with clients and make them feel valuable and special. And the whole staff of the center taught me what working as a team to put on incredible events looks like! A lot of communication and mutual support needs to happen in order to provide consumers with world-class entertainment. Everyone from operations (who are amazingly hard workers), to security, to the managers and other admins make the amazing events at the center possible and it was so cool to witness that teamwork.

The primary skills I developed through my internship at the Town Toyota center were writing, research, and presenting myself professionally. I grew in my writing ability through writing blog posts, writing a press release and writing emails. I gained more research skills through projects such as finding and compiling updated contacts for our companies use as well as researching articles written about our company and compiling them in order to calculate how many readers have heard of our company through those articles. I learned how to present myself professionally through witnessing Jennifer and colleagues interact with each other and clients. Being in the business world and actually seeing how things are done has helped me practice and envision how I should act as a businessperson. Some other skills I was able to practice were photography, social media promotion and graphic design.

As I head back to Western Washington University with just two more quarters left to complete, I am thankful to have experienced what being a marketer is like in the real world. Thank you to everyone at the Town Toyota Center who invested in me this summer! It was an honor learning from all of you and I am excited to see how what I’ve learned will apply to my studies and future job. I can’t wait to see what will happen at the Town Toyota Center next!