Town Toyota Center Announces Changes to Organization For Focused Growth

The Town Toyota Center has announced a series of staffing changes to align with a corporate focus on increasing revenue, client retention, and maximizing the guest experience.  

The organizational changes and revised focus were announced by General Manager Mark Miller. Miller is leading the Town Toyota Center team to actively open new business opportunities, solicit and cultivate new partnerships, supporters, and patrons. Each team member is focused on increasing revenue by working with vendors, sponsors, guests and users. The revised goal has been implemented to elicit partnership expansion and revenue growth.

As part of this organizational realignment, Miller has announced the following staffing changes:

  • Vice President of Marketing Partnerships: Jennifer Bushong, who has served as the Director of Marketing since 2012, has been named as the new Vice President of Marketing Partnerships. This new position has been created to focus on the ability to retain and inspire existing corporate sponsors while attracting new local, regional, and national users to the facility. As the new Vice President of Marketing Partnerships, Bushong will develop and implement highly collaborative strategies that grow key business initiatives and deliver elevated communications platforms internally and externally.
  • Sales Manager: Jeremy Anders, who has served as the Sales Assistant since 2014, has been named as the Sales Manager. In this role, Anders will leverage his experience with the Wenatchee Wild to serve as the main point of contact for ticket sales, sponsorship, and group sales.
  • Marketing Coordinator: Bre Hinkle has been announced as the new Marketing Coordinator. Hinkle joined the Town Toyota Center team in 2014, serving as the part-time Marketing Assistant. In this expanded role, Hinkle leads the facility’s graphic design and social media efforts, maintains the website, coordinates daily event logistics and outreach.

The Town Toyota Center is currently hiring a Sales and Marketing Assistant to coordinate premium seat licensing, support outreach efforts, and work directly with sponsors.

“This refocusing and realignment is necessary to ensure the Town Toyota Center continues to serve our region in the most efficient way. This allows the entire team to better serve clients and focus on understanding their business, while delivering events or shows that meet their needs. Sales revenues have been fairly consistent since 2008, and our projections demand an increase in this area. To achieve this type of growth, the organization’s culture must shift to increase revenue, retain clients, and maximize the guest experience. Part of this targeted focus came from input received from community leaders, sponsors, stakeholders, and our Board of Directors who helped guide our future by generating new ideas to strengthen communication and encourage public attendance,” explained General Manager Mark Miller.

The staffing changes take effect immediately.

"The Town Toyota Center complex is a regional event venue that features 4,300 seats in the main arena and 500 bleacher seats in the Ice Rink.  The Town Toyota Center hosts big-name concerts, trade shows, sporting events and is the home to the Wenatchee Wild Hockey team."