National Figure Skating Showcase 2019

By EMMA CARLSON, Summer Intern 2019

The Town Toyota Center hosted the U.S. Figure Skating National Showcase this year. An impressive 450 skaters participated in the event and travelled far and wide to get here. Last year, the event was held in Brighton, Michigan, but this year is one to remember since it was the first ever National Showcase held in the Pacific Northwest.


It truly was spectacular to watch in every stage of the process, even as a complete novice to skating myself, from the practices where skaters made the most of their precious ice time to the final event where skaters twirled and spun and showed off all the hard work they put in to developing their talent.

Most skaters arrived to Wenatchee on July 31 to get check in and receive their schedules. There was a frenzy of nerves and excitement as skaters filled the arena. For the following four days, skaters from all over the nation took the ice. I ran spotlights on the Saturday of the showcase and most of the events I saw were “dramatic duets” which meant that there were two skaters performing to a song, most of the time a theatrical song, and took on the persona of the characters in it. It combined acting and skating and it was really fun seeing those things combined.

Since watching the National Showcase, my interest in figure skating has increased. I really enjoyed the performance aspect of it and have a new appreciation for the skill of ice skating. It was so clear from attending the showcase, how passionate many skaters are about their art and there is a strong sense of community surrounding the sport.

Thankfully, figure skating in Wenatchee is not solely found at the National Showcase. There are opportunities to watch and get involved in skating all year round and the venue is our local arena, the Town Toyota Center. Learn to Skate classes are open for any age and start in the fall if you are interested in growing your skill on the ice. Figure skating shows take place year-round and some big, exciting events, like the Winter Ice Gala and the Holiday Ice Show, take place in the winter. I plan on taking advantage of the class soon and look forward to the next show that rolls around!

Visit for more information on figure skating and our Learn to Skate program.

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