Town Toyota Center Welcomes Wenatchee Valley Skyhawks

Wenatchee, WA- The Town Toyota Center signed a three year contract to house Indoor Football named the Wenatchee Valley Skyhawks. The Skyhawks will play in the American West Football Conference. Currently, there are five teams in the league. The Wenatchee Valley Skyhawks will play around the Westcoast including Tri Cities, Boise, Sacramento, and Reno.

The Wenatchee Valley Skyhawks will play at least six home games in the Town Toyota Center arena this season. “The Town Toyota Center prides itself in bringing a different array of entertainment options to the Valley to bring a smile to all faces,” said Mark Miller, General Manager of the Town Toyota Center. The Indoor Football games will give another opportunity for constituents to be entertained and add to the overall economic impact of the Greater Wenatchee Valley. The Skyhawks will “bring good quality football,” said Theo Hall of Hook Sports Media and owner of the Wenatchee Valley Skyhawks. “We are so excited to play in Wenatchee and the Town Toyota Center. We are actively signing players and hope to sign a few local players so fans can really cheer on your Skyhawks football team,” added Hall.

Arena Football is played indoors on a smaller field than outdoor football, resulting in a faster and higher-scoring game. Football fans and sporting enthusiasts will enjoy the clean and luxurious amenities of the arena coupled with expeditious ticketing and food service in the fun and safe environment that is the regional Town Toyota Center.


Facebook: Like Skyhawks on Facebook @wvskyhawks

Wenatchee Valley Skyhawks tickets will be available at the Town Toyota Center box office in the upcoming weeks.

About the Town Toyota Center

Since inception in October 2008, the Town Toyota Center has drawn nearly 4 million guests to the Wenatchee area, generated nearly 70 million dollars in economic impact, hosted hundreds of Wenatchee Wild games, hundreds of concerts and shows, regional trade shows, basketball tournaments, and regional figure skating competitions. The Town Toyota Center is a multi-purpose arena containing 4,200 seats and a secondary permanent ice rink.


World-class entertainment and high-impact sporting events

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End of Summer Bash

Wenatchee, WA – The Town Toyota Center continues to offer world-class entertainment and more rock stars to the line-up this summer! The REO Speedwagon and Great White concert scheduled for Tuesday, August 27th will now have a beer garden on the lawn featuring the band, Blue Tattoo.

Blue Tattoo formed in 2007 by Kelly Nobles and friends. Kelly is also the drummer for RAIL who toured with Van Halen, Three-Dog night and other well-known artists in the ‘80’s. Blue Tattoo front man, with an amazing range of vocals is Gene Miller specializing in classics from Boston, Journey, Deep Purple, AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, Bon Jovi and others. The band includes Johnny Jagger (keyboards and backing vocals), Paul Inserra (bass guitar and vocals), Lee Oswald (lead/backing guitars and vocals) and Bud Jackson (lead guitars/vocals). The three bands in one concert will provide a legendary show at the Town Toyota Center. The beer garden on the grass opens at 5:00 p.m. and the rock show starts at 7:30 p.m. The concert is locally presented by Armada.

REO Speedwagon, Great White, and now Blue Tattoo in the beer garden concert tickets start at only $47.00. Tickets can be purchased in one of three ways:

  • Online:

  • Phone: 509.667.7847 or For Group 10 or more, Call: Katie Atkinson, 509.888.7363 or Dreu Vader, 509.888.7362

  • In person: Box office, 1300 Walla Walla Street

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Why You Should Learn to Skate


I remember when I was a kid, my best friend always thought of the most fun things for us to do together. Slumber parties, bike rides, movie nights, etc. One of my favorite suggestions of hers was ice skating.

Her mom would drive us to the ice rink and we would walk up to the counter with our fluffy winter coats on and with only our eyeballs peaking over the counter, we would ask for “two tickets and two skates please.” We would shuffle to the next window and pick up our skates then try to tie our own laces up. Somehow my friend’s mom always ending up re-tying mine. She would do it really tight which I didn’t like but I never objected because once she was satisfied, we would be able to make our way onto the ice and skate around to our hearts content.

I was never really taught how to ice skate. I figured it out by watching my friend and the strangers around us whipping around the rink. Learning by experience got me by and has since my days on the ice with my friend, but there are a few fundamentals that I never learned. For example, how to stop myself without the assistance of a sturdy wall. To name a few more, I learned how to skate fast eventually, but not how to slow down without relying on friction to eventually kick in and ease me to a comfortable speed. I also never learned how to go backwards or how to glide gracefully on the turns. These aren’t things I have necessarily needed to know in order to ice skate and have fun doing it, but they definitely are valuable skills that I’d like to learn and could use to impress friends, a date or even just myself.

I’ve met many people who don’t like ice skating or refuse to go because they had a bad experience doing it in the past. Others never learned and don’t want to embarrass themselves. This has made me thankful that I got the hang of ice skating at a young age because it would be disappointing to have to turn down opportunities to hang out and have fun with friends or family at a rink because of fear or inability.

Ice skating is a fun, social activity that I think everyone should be able to enjoy. If a person learns to be comfortable on ice skates, they have the ability to take advantage of skating whenever the opportunity arises and won’t have any roadblocks keeping them from being able to choose to do so. Fear shouldn’t be a reason to miss out on fun with loved ones and it shouldn’t be a reason to not pick up a new skill!

Learn to Skate is a class offered at the iFiber Rink in Wenatchee that teaches the fundamentals of skating. People of any age and skill level can take the classes. The classes help people with skills ranging from those who are afraid to go out on the ice, to people like me who know how to skate already but want to be able to do it with more skill. With enough practice, anyone can learn how to get by on the ice, but having a teacher to show you how to balance, stop, turn or even learn a few tricks can make learning so much easier and future skating experiences much better.

Skating is a skill and it can be a lifelong one with the proper instruction and practice. Learn to Skate classes could be the perfect avenue to get a child invested in a new sport, like figure skating or hockey, or could become a fun summer activity to keep them active and stimulated. Adults could use Learn to Skate classes to develop their new after-work hobby, pick up a new skill or share a fun, new experience with their spouse.

My friend probably didn’t invite me to go ice skating when we were young because of practical reasons like it being a good life skill for us later on, but thankfully it was really fun so we went regularly and I did in fact pick up a life skill from it.

Ice skating is a blast, and in Wenatchee where the iFiber rink is a popular place for young people and families to hang out, learning to skate is a great idea. Check out the Town Toyota Center website for more information about the Learn to Skate classes offered at the iFiber Rink or learn how to skate through experience and practice on your own! Either way, consider learning to skate because it is a valuable, fun skill to learn and it provides just one more way to get out and make memories with people you love!

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National Figure Skating Showcase 2019

By EMMA CARLSON, Summer Intern 2019

The Town Toyota Center hosted the U.S. Figure Skating National Showcase this year. An impressive 450 skaters participated in the event and travelled far and wide to get here. Last year, the event was held in Brighton, Michigan, but this year is one to remember since it was the first ever National Showcase held in the Pacific Northwest.


It truly was spectacular to watch in every stage of the process, even as a complete novice to skating myself, from the practices where skaters made the most of their precious ice time to the final event where skaters twirled and spun and showed off all the hard work they put in to developing their talent.

Most skaters arrived to Wenatchee on July 31 to get check in and receive their schedules. There was a frenzy of nerves and excitement as skaters filled the arena. For the following four days, skaters from all over the nation took the ice. I ran spotlights on the Saturday of the showcase and most of the events I saw were “dramatic duets” which meant that there were two skaters performing to a song, most of the time a theatrical song, and took on the persona of the characters in it. It combined acting and skating and it was really fun seeing those things combined.

Since watching the National Showcase, my interest in figure skating has increased. I really enjoyed the performance aspect of it and have a new appreciation for the skill of ice skating. It was so clear from attending the showcase, how passionate many skaters are about their art and there is a strong sense of community surrounding the sport.

Thankfully, figure skating in Wenatchee is not solely found at the National Showcase. There are opportunities to watch and get involved in skating all year round and the venue is our local arena, the Town Toyota Center. Learn to Skate classes are open for any age and start in the fall if you are interested in growing your skill on the ice. Figure skating shows take place year-round and some big, exciting events, like the Winter Ice Gala and the Holiday Ice Show, take place in the winter. I plan on taking advantage of the class soon and look forward to the next show that rolls around!

Visit for more information on figure skating and our Learn to Skate program.

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My 3 Favorite Things About the Town Toyota Center

Having grown up in Wenatchee, I have always known about the community’s beloved Town Toyota Center. I have attended hockey games, concerts and graduations there and skated with friends in the iFiber rink. I became very familiar with the big red sign outside the building as I passed by it on my trips to Walla Walla Park in the summer to play tennis with my family.

These days, I am not just an observer of the center any longer as I am now the Marketing intern there. Since I got there at the start of the summer, I have gotten to see so much more of what goes on at the Town Toyota Center. It really is amazing witnessing all that goes into running and maintaining such a big and active arena. Knowing all that I know about the center now, my appreciation for it has exponentially increased. Here are three of my favorite things about the Town Toyota Center- maybe you’ll agree with some of them!


My first favorite thing about the Town Toyota Center is the location. Working here, I get to see the view from the top floor of the center and there is nothing better. The Town Toyota Center is located right next to Walla Walla Park (which locals know is one of the best parks in the city) and consequently, right next to the Columbia river. Whatever I am heading to the Town Toyota Center for, whether it is a game, a concert, to ice skate or now, to work, I know I get to wave to the Columbia river as I drive by and appreciate the wide, open spaces at Walla Walla Park. The Town Toyota Center also has the Riverfront Rock Gym as its next door neighbor which is a great bonus! If I’m at the center, I know a quick bite from their café or a nice climb is at my fingertips. Also, getting to the Wenatchee strip mall with food and my all-time favorite store, Target, is just a quick drive or walk away too. The location of the Town Toyota Center is convenient yet feels like a little trip away from the crowded streets of downtown Wenatchee which is a unique and ideal combo.


Always Something New

The second thing I really love about the Town Toyota Center is that there is always something new happening there. I walk in each week and there is a different floor in the arena each time, it’s hard to keep up! One week the Skyhawks indoor football turf is set up, the next week there are mats laid out for a dog show, the next they are setting up ice in the arena for a National Figure Skating Showcase. The variety of things that happen at the center is so fun and is super exciting to witness! In a few weeks, REO Speedwagon will have a stage set up in the arena and hundreds of people will flood in to party and jam out to some classics. And just two weeks before that, Weird Al is putting on a show! I love that the Town Toyota Center makes it possible for our little valley to have so many different types of entertainment and is a venue that allows for artists like Kelly Clarkson, the Backstreet Boys, Amy Grant, Chicago, Switchfoot, REO and Weird Al to visit our town and give us a good show. The Town Toyota Center is also home to the Wild, the hockey team that we all know and love. Our valley would be missing out big time if we didn’t have a large multipurpose venue like this one!

Community Involvement

The last thing I love about the center, that I didn’t notice before working here, is the amount of involvement our community has in keeping the center going. All of the logos, signs and posters visible both inside and outside of the arena represent all of the local companies who have invested in the mission of the Town Toyota Center- to provide a fun and safe place for the people of Wenatchee and beyond to come and enjoy themselves! The Town Toyota Center provides many opportunities for our local businesses to attract more people to see and hear about their brand, and those ads help fund all of the cool things that happen here; so it really is a win-win relationship when companies get involved with the center. The Town Toyota Center doesn’t just bring people together through fun events, but it also brings local companies together by allowing them to participate in giving our community some awesome entertainment.

So there they are, my three favorite things about the Town Toyota Center. Maybe you agree, disagree or have other favorite things you are thinking of. If so, let us know! There is a lot to love about the center and even more to keep up with, so make sure you are following them on social media and checking the website for info on all of the exciting upcoming shows, games and more!

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