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Friday & Saturday, May 10 & 11. Two Nights of Rodeo Action! Doors open at 6:00pm and Rodeo starts at 7:30pm

Tickets: $20 General Admission, $25 Reserved Seating$5 Tickets for Children 12 and under

For groups of 10 or more, discounted tickets are available to purchase: 
Call Katie Atkinson at 509-888-7363 or Dreu Vader at 509-888-7362

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Bullriding-  Sponsored by: Moss Adams. 8 seconds and 2,000 lbs of terror! As dangerous as it is exciting, bull riders require balance, flexibility, quick reflexes and mostly an incredible mental attitude to step onto the back of a bull. Only holding on with one hand onto a rope which wraps around the bull is only half the battle. After the inevitable 'dismount', bullfighters stationed in the arena protect the rider. The cowboy wears a flak jacket and helmet (not required) Score is 50 points for the bull and 50 points for the rider.


Saddlebronc Riding- Sponsored by: North Valley Mechanical Inc.The classic event of rodeo. Born of cowboys taming wild horses.  The cowboy only holds onto a thick rein (rope) attached to the horse's halter. Every move must be synchronized with the movement of the horse for eight seconds. An outrider follows the action and helps the successful rider transfer to the pick up horse at full gallup. Score is judged 50 points for the horse and 50 points for the rider.


Bareback Riding - Sponsored by: Valley Tractor and Rentals. Compared to riding a jackhammer with one hand.  This event requires the strongest cowboys in rodeo. The riders hold onto a 'suitcase handle' on a strap on the horse's shoulder with one hand. The cowboy leans back and kicks his knees up to retain balance with the goal being eight seconds of pulling against gravity. The Popeye forearms of rodeo! This event endures the most injuries in rodeo. Score is judged 50 points for the horse and 50 points for the cowboy.


Barrel Racing - One for the ladies of rodeo. Nothing is as mesmerizing as a horse at full gallop. The rider runs a cloverleaf pattern consisting of turns around three barrels (a knocked over barrel is a five second penalty) and then a furious sprint to the finish! Fastest time wins.


Bull Poker - Sponsored by: Rimmer & Roeter Construction. A measure of dollars and sensibility. Has to be seen to be believed. Four 'poker' players are seated in the center of the arena around a card table. Then a 'joker' is dealt-only this joker is a fighting bull. The last player to remain seated wins the dollars-the sensibility is still in question. Players wear flak jackets and helmets. 


Mutton Bustin' is a FREE Event Sponsored by: Numerica Credit Union! 15 kids per night on a first come, first serve basis. Doors open at 6pm both nights, so if you'd like to sign your little one up for Mutton Bustin', be sure to come a little early. There is a 50lb weight limit for Mutton Buster's, and all Children will receive a trophy for participating. Winner gets a BIG trophy!

Mechanical Bull! Children and Adults of all ages can test out their own Bull-Riding skills on the Mechanical Bull! Children 12 and under are $3 to ride, or 2 Children for $5. Adults are $5.

Saturday night ONLY featuring Rancho Los Lagos Mexican Dancing Horses!



After Party

After the Rodeo, be sure to check out the Redneck Riviera After Party at Grizzly Lounge, starting at 9:30 PM Friday and Saturday night.


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