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Applications Accepted Year-Round

Established by the Town Toyota Center, the Arena Youth Enrichment Fund provides youth the opportunity to Learn to Skate and/or attend a show who might not otherwise be able. Types of requests include:

  • Learn to Skate (one day use and/or 6 week lessons)
  • Private Rental & Skates
  • Attend a Show at Town Toyota Center
  • Other Skate Classes

Grants applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and awarded throughout the year.

All applicants must apply online, which includes statements on what the grant hopes to accomplish, who the grant serves, and the anticipated benefit for youth.

The Arena Youth Enrichment Fund advisors are responsible for final fund decisions and will distribute and respond to all applicants within 30 days of deadlines.



Are you looking for ice skating passes or tickets for an upcoming event?

Please fill out the form below. Please note that all requests will be considered. The form must be completed at least 30 days prior to the event.

All fulfilled requests must include Town Toyota Center logo properly displayed and receive a client testimonial after the event.

Please, no phone calls.