Broomball is a great team building experience, this game is a cross between ice hockey and soccer. Each team’s objective is to score as many goals in the net as possible. We offer broomball for private rentals any time during the week depending on rink schedule. This is a great way to have fun with friends, church groups, co-workers, family and sports teams.


How it works

We have Broomsticks available for you.  Split your team in half, in a normal game of broomball you will have 6 people on the ice but you may have more if your group wants. Each team will start on one side of the red line just like hockey. There will be 2 25 minute periods and a 5 minute break in between. The rink will provide an office staff member to “referee” and keep score. The team with the most goals WIN!


What to wear?

Required: Helmet and closed toed shoes. (We have some helmets available but, it is first come first serve)

Suggested: Long pants & layered clothing.

Absolutely no spiked shoes.


Rules & Warnings

Contact is okay, but no checking is allowed.

HELMETS ARE REQUIRED to reduce the danger of hitting head on ice or getting hit with a flying broom and/or ball.

No hands or feet can be used to score; the broom must do the work.


Cost: $175 per hour

This includes private ice rental for 1 hour, two nets, broom balls and sticks.


Common Questions

How many people have to be in a group?
6 people

Is a meeting room included in the Broomball ice rental?
If the room is available that day then yes for an additional $15.

How many people can fit in meeting room?
Up to 50

Do you offer food service?
Yes we do, from the rink concessions or arena kitchen.